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Preparations and the flight from Zurich to Chicago


On Sunday, 3rd of October we drove to the airport of Kloten/Zurich and checked our baggage. I was very tired because the day (and night!) before was the wedding of my friends Regula and Adrian. Unfortunately I had to return to my home in Berne as I had to go to my office for unfinished work.

Monday, 4. October 1999
Flight Zurich - Chicago

Early in the morning I started in Bern by train. In Turgi I met my father. From there the travel continued to the airport. There we met relatives and my godchild Fiona.

Godchild Fiona
Picture (29 Kb) of my Godchild Fiona (age of about two month)

About half past nine we passed through the passport-control down to gate B30. The boarding begun soon after. At a quarter past ten the plane was ready, but couldn't start because of heavy traffic on the airport. It was five to eleven when we could lift off. The flight was as boring as any flight tend to be.

Boing AA 37
Picture (25 Kb) of our plane

After arrival at 1:45 pm local time the AVIS - shuttle took us to the rental-office. There we got the keys for our Chevrolet Lumina and a good explanation how to find our hotel, the Palmer House Hilton on Monroe-Street. It was easy to find.
We did go for a walk along the lake Michigan and around the block for about an hour. Then we had a fine dinner before we had a long, relaxing sleep.

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